How much?!

Well, who would’ve thought you could spend nearly fifty quid on empty boxes? Turns out it’s very easy once you’re in the grip of the Decluttering Demons.

Mind you, no actual decluttering has taken place since I made these pricey investments. I was far too tired after my exhausting journey into Reading and only too pleased to join the screening of My Little Pony: The Movie in the living room with Daughter, Husband and glass of wine. The crazy shrieky ponies-slash-mermaids were marginally less irritating than when I first made their acquaintance at the Regal Picturehouse in Henley with only a cappuccino to sip.

But having spent 104 minutes immersed in all things Ponyville, I have not made much headway with the great playroom transformation.

Our new Really Useful boxes are now cluttering up the hallway. The bench I’d painstakingly cleared of odd gloves, junk mail, golfing paraphernalia and crumpled drawings brought home from school is now piled high with a comprehensive array of Hobbycraft’s finest ‘storage solutions’. How long they’ll stay there now is anyone’s guess. Watch this space!

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