What am I doing here?

I’ll keep it brief for now, as there aren’t exactly hoardes of you following me. Also because I told my husband I’d come to bed in five minutes about an hour ago, and because I definitely don’t want to be tired and grumpy for tomorrow’s life-changing trip to Hobbycraft to buy the storage boxes that will transform our playroom into a clutter-free oasis of calm and a showcase for blissful minimalist living.

But I did just want to introduce/explain/excuse myself, on the offchance that there are, at some point in the future, one or two curious (by which I mean questioning, rather than peculiar) people reading this, even if they are only doing so by accident or because I told them to.

So, I’m Alex, a freelance writer and first-time blogger. I’m also a mother – I have a five-year-old daughter – but I promise I won’t witter on about her *all* the time.

The current plan (not especially well thought out, so subject to change) is to witter on about: my love of words, books and stories of all kinds; my life as a work-from-home freelance writer and owner of a small online business (aka Etsy shop) selling bespoke poems and poetry prints; my masterplan to write and publish an astonishingly brilliant and potentially world-changing children’s picture book (in rhyme, obvs); and all [edit: a carefully chosen and heavily edited selection of] my extra-curricular adventures and general family fun in beautiful Berkshire and beyond.

Our soon-to-be-clutter-free home is in a pretty village just across the river from Henley-on-Thames (which puts us in Berks rather than Oxon) – hence the name of this blog. Actually, it’s just my shameless attempt to cast myself as a Henley Yummy Mummy, which clearly I need to be if I’m going to have a Yummy Playroom. I will have to start buying all my outfits from Joules and book a skiing holiday, pronto.

I might just see how the bank balance fares after tomorrow’s trip to Forbury Retail Park before I scour the Henley Parents Yahoo group for preloved children’s salopettes, though.

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