Give your words a workout

Words are like lazy people with a gym membership. They have the potential to really get things moving – to be agile, dynamic, powerful, even life-changing – but they don’t always work as hard as they could.

Words by Alex is like a bootcamp for words. Whether you need them to explain, entertain, persuade or sell (or, quite possibly, a muscle-burning combo of all the above), I can help you find exactly the right words for your project and put them through their paces.

Know the type?

Continuing the gym analogy, it seems to me there are three main types of word that could really do with a workout:

  1. The ones that hardly ever turn up to class (but when they do go, you hear about it).
  2. The ones that practically live at the gym but don’t seem to do a lot. Rarely seen without their gym buddies.
  3. The ones that work hard but just don’t get results.

(More on each of these types in future posts.)

Getting words in shape

From the class-dodgers to the burned-out gym bunnies, Words by Alex can get them all in the best shape possible for your project.

Looking good and working hard

I’m not just interested in words that look the part, working out in their full make-up, flashy gym gear and designer trainers (although I do love brands! More on that another time, too).

I’ll help you find the right words for your project that look good and work hard.

Whether they’re for a big corporate report or a personal website, if your words aren’t working as hard for you as they could be, send them my way!

About me

I’m no gym bunny either, but I have put in plenty of hours in the word gym and I can sharpen up a piece of writing faster than you can say conditional clause.

My own muscle tone may be questionable, but I’m an expert on tone of voice. That means I can help businesses develop their own personality through a writing style that connects with their audience and sets them apart from the competition.

As well as a freelance writer, editor and proofreader, I’m a bit of a detail freak and an all-round word geek. Perhaps more importantly for some, I’m also a small business-owner and Etsy seller.

Whatever you need words to do, I can find exactly the right ones for the job and set them to work!

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